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fall 2021

pratt institute

An examination of the concept of time, through the study of fire.

initial experiment

I was curious if long matches in a line could light each other. After trying different spacings, this was the most space there could be between the matches for them to light each other. 


Next, I tried connecting the matches using wire, this helped me gauge how much structure the wire could provide, and how the fire would behave in this way of assembly. 

further experimentation...
final process

For the final portion of the project, I decided to scale the whole concept to be bigger. The larger surface area brought on many challenges, as well as the incorporation of other flammable products. Materials included sparklers, fire gel soaked rope, and a variety of matches. 

final burn

This project taught me a lot. The result was entertaining and effectively communicated how time is fleeting, and in the end matter just disappears into dust. Because of the scale, I feel I began to lose control of the material. The flames did not follow the path I initially envisioned, but I still learned a lot through the process. 

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